About Me

We all need support during various times in our lives. I have experience in Portland working with people going through life changes as well as working on severe mental health issues and trauma. I take a laid back and personal approach to therapy, and I also work to offer you direct and honest feedback. Approaches I use in my practice are mindfulness based interventions, narrative therapy, and relational work. We will work together in a calm and nonjudgemental way to address your needs and establish goals that are realistic and meaningful to you. I have 4 main areas of focus: Adults working on Addictions and Mental Health, Chronic Pain, Trauma, and Family Therapy.

As a licensed clinician you can be reimbursed for my services by your insurance company if I am “out of network”, and I am in network with the following plans:

  • Pacific Source
  • Medicare

If you are paying cash my hourly rate is $125-150 per hour.


  • Chronic Pain

    Chronic pain can be suffocating. The endless visits to providers, some of whom don't even trust that you are in the pain you describe. The loss of previous freedom you once had and the ability to partake in normal everyday activities or those that bring you joy. Chronic physical pain can lead to depression, anxiety, and a sense of panic. My hope is to get a real understanding of your personal story so that we can collaborate on your healing.

  • Family Therapy

    How we experience our closest relationships can effect how we feel and behave. Feeling connected in our personal and romantic relationships can provide a sense of sanctuary and support in our lives, however when things go wrong we often experience feelings that can be overwhelming. Increasing intimacy, experiencing feelings, finding new skills, and using open communication are my focus with families.

  • Trauma Informed Care

    Unfortunately, we are sometimes faced with traumatic experiences that can carry over into the rest of our lives. Experiencing trauma can trigger physical responses that can make us feel tired, on edge, depressed, angry, or worse. If you are suffering from trauma we can work on real solutions and help you move forward with your life. I use a variety of approaches and direct clients to other resources outside of my office when necessary. In time and with some work you can take back your emotions, your mind, and your body.

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Dan Harold LCSW
2705 E Burnside St #108
Portland, OR 97214

+1 503 516 4455